Would you like to have more energy?

Would you like to have better health?

The two are intimately related.

The Chinese learned thousands of years ago - as did many other cultures - that people can attain better health by freeing, increasing, and balancing the "chi" - pronounced "chee" - or energy of their bodies.

In turn, they developed "energy arts" to help people move toward wellness in this way. Of these arts, acupuncture is probably the best known in the United States.

Through over 30 years of study, I have learned energy arts from China that I can share with you.

Some can enable you to increase and balance your own energy through exercise. I teach these arts through classes open to the public and through private instruction.

Through another art, called qigong tui na bodywork - pronounced "chee gong tway nah" - I can help free and balance your energy for you.

Perhaps best of all, we can develop a program for you that combines the two approaches.

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"Bill Ryan is the most natural, and the most gifted, teacher I've ever known."

Marilyn Bentov,
Ph.D. Education
Poet & Educator
Newton, MA